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MOMENTS – Cirque Nouveau


10 – 22nd November 2008

La Petite Galerie, 35 rue de Seine, Paris, 75006

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Moments - Photo Exhibition

Moments - Cirque Nouveau, an exhibition of photographs by Michael Ridley at La Petite Galerie, rue de Seine, Paris from November 10th to 22nd, 2008, during the Month of Photography.

His last photo exhibition in Paris was Transvision in 2007. His images, impressionist in inspiration, are a fusion of two styles, but can best be described as contemporary art documentary photography. Passionate about showing the world as it is in colour, his photos are reaction against the conversion of the living world into black & white.

Moments is a selection of Michael Ridley’s impressionist images expressing the colourful and exciting world of cirque nouveau.

The modern circus or cirque nouveau, is a new art form, combining traditional circus talents with new ones from the theatre and the street, presented in a galaxy of exciting lighting effects, original music and creative costumes. Cirque nouveau as a movement began in the 1970’s almost simultaneously in France, the UK, US, and Australia. The movement rejected many of the old ideas of the traditional circus, especially the use of animals.

But the real transformation to the modern circus began in the 1984 in Quebec, Canada, an area with no tradition of circus, with the creation of Cirque du Soleil. The same year saw the founding of other innovative circus revolutions, notably Nofit State Circus in Wales. Since then, the inspiration of Cirque du Soleil, Nofit State Circus and other cirque nouveau companies has spread world-wide and given birth to many new and exciting circuses.

Michael Ridley expresses this exciting new world of the modern circus in MOMENTS. His images are evocative and sensuous, full of movement, expressing the world of circus in a burst of light and colour. They are sometimes questioning, ambiguous and sometimes disquieting as he explores and reflects the contemporary world as reflected by the modern circus. MOMENTS is his impression of a floating world somewhere between shadow and light, reality and fiction.

MOMENTS at La Petite Galerie, 35 rue de Seine, Paris, 75006 runs from 10th November and runs until November 22nd 2008.

The artist would like to thank the many people who have made this exhibition possible in particular Nofit State Circus in Wales for allowing him unlimited access to their latest production "Tabu".


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